We don’t believe that you should stand
still and let change happen around you.

Take charge
of change

Have you ever noticed how everyone in the recruitment sector talks about how different they are? They’re all so busy focusing on it that they end up sounding exactly the same. It just becomes wallpaper.

We’re not going to say we’re different, but let’s be honest, you are still reading this and you probably wouldn’t be if it was one of those other rather dull recruitment websites.


Now that we have your attention we’d like to tell you that we don’t believe that anyone should stand still and let change happen around them. It’s why we believe that you should take charge of change.


We are DK Recruitment.


Let’s face it, recruitment can be a life-changing issue. More often than not, it’s your job that defines a major part of your life. Not only does it directly link to your ability to earn money but it’s also where you end up spending large chunks of your day. It’s not worth underestimating.


Here at DK Recruitment we specialize in finding jobs. Not just any old jobs, but top roles in Logistics, IT, Finance, Sales, Human Resources, Social Housing, Engineering and Construction. The secret of our success is based on repeat business and it comes from an almost ‘Jedi-like’ understanding of these sectors. It’s not a complicated process … we’re good at what we do and clients keep coming back to us.

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I have been both a candidate and a client of DK Recruitment. They take the time to get to know the candidate not only from a placement perspective but also with future planning in mind. With the vast contacts and knowledge within the recruitment industry, they are able to source the best match for all.

Des Barros – Westland Horticulture

"I have been involved with many recruiters over the years but DK Recruitment has always stood out from the crowd due to their extensive knowledge, professional manner and the fact that they are always a real pleasure to deal with."

Stephen Beddoe

EHS Manager - Amazon UK

The results

There’s no point is ‘square pegging a round hole’. We know that there’s a right person for every job and we will find that person every time.


DK Recruitment is based on a ‘no stone unturned’ mentality and we remove the element of chance from the equation making it easier for employers to plan properly. We also make sure that candidates can rest assured that the best in the business are in their corner.

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DK Recruitment’s diligence in understanding and translating our business requirements into quality candidates is both refreshing & time-saving during the recruitment process. They have a no nonsense approach which ensures candidates are filtered based on my requirements.

Lee Cowley – Regional Director of Order Fulfilment EMEA